Once upon a time, we did not know how to manage viral infections. Some prescription anti-viral remedies have been developed to address issues such as herpes (chickenpox, shingles, fever blisters) and rarer viruses. But these are often not needed, other than as a precaution in more serious scenarios. Wonderful natural remedies to help prevent and manage viral infections are readily available.

Knowing your genetic mutations would help, as 90% of us have genes that impair ‘methylation’ – the conversion of homocysteine to glutathione, a major anti-viral pathway. followed by identifies them. A blood homocysteine level and the red cell MCV on a blood count give clues. While waiting for results, covering with Pure Encapsulations ‘Multi T/D’ is a good approach.

Bee propolis, used by bees to keep the inside of a beehive sterile, is the best natural antimicrobial. It is found in Donnie Yance’s ‘Flew Away’ as well as his ‘Throat and Gland’ formula. ‘Lung & Bronchial’, which patients love, contains anti-viral Lobelia.

Lysine is a very important anti-viral amino acid. Dr. Linus Pauling used large doses – 3 grams twice a day – as part of his coronary protection program, which he combined with large doses of vitamin C; this creates cardiovascular protective, muscle, mood, and brain supportive carnitine. Avoid high-arginine lysine-suppressing foods during viral illness – apples, citrus, chocolate, potatoes, coffee, and nuts (unless you sneak some lysine with them).

Vitamin D has shown substantial anti-flu and anti-viral properties in multiple studies. We advise optimal doses, and adding vitamin K2 unless on warfarin.

Everything strengthening the intestinal lining helps prevent viruses from crossing this common pathway. Probiotic, zinc, colostrum, and lactoferrin are good in this regard.

Coconut oil is an incredible substance that has vast antimicrobial properties including anti-viral. It is also great for dry winter skin, for energy without weight gain, and for brain support. My hair enjoys it as well!

Other anti-virals include vitamin A – in ‘Beyond Essential Fats’, ‘Multi T/D’ and during mid-winter Cod Liver Oil. Pain/sleep combination ‘Corydalis Plus’ has anti-viral components. Elderberry is a favorite for respiratory prevention and management. Reishi, garlic (evening is best!), lithium, selenium, niacinamide, Nigella sativa, and Oregano are others.

So forget the myth that you can’t prevent and fix the common cold – it’s no big deal at all. And any viral illness can be helped, including shingles. Time to move into the 21st century!

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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#1 Perhaps the biggest advance of the decade also qualifies as the most prominent area of progress in 2013. offers a highly affordable way to assess two hundred genes.  While the FDA unfortunately removed their ability to offer some interpretation, the raw data can still be mined for huge genetic nuggets that greatly impact our quality of life, disease risk, cognition, and longevity.   No one can experience optimal health without this knowledge.  Period.  Genes that are very important to know about: MTHFR, COMT, CBS, SUOX, ACAT, AHCY, SHMT, BHMT 2/4/8, APOE, MTRR, MTR, VDR, CYP1B1, GPX, NOS.  Leaders in health care will be those that can decipher the genetic puzzle and identify optimal interventions.

#2 This is a replay but it cannot be overemphasized: Lyme disease is highly endemic across the country, and certainly in my home state of Kentucky.  Our office has a half dozen positive screening tests PER WEEK.  This is a factor in up to half of chronic fatigue cases.  Characteristic symptoms (R Horowitz MD) include variable ability to visually focus and light sensitivity.  Noise sensitivity and headaches may occur.  Tremor and twitching are usually Lyme disease, which is present in most movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Tourette’s syndrome, and multiple sclerosis.  Autism, ALS, and essential tremors are often Lyme-associated.  Migrating joint pain is characteristic.  Odd sensations that recur and palpitations are also common.

#3 Foods that convert to sugar are huge cancer promoters.  In early breast cancer, elevated non-diabetic blood sugar is associated with more than a 20-fold higher risk of cancer recurrence.  We target blood sugar marker Hemoglobin A1c at 5.0 to 5.2. Tumors can’t eat healthy fats, so inclusion of coconut and olive oils are important dietary components.  Mitochondrial support benefits the immune system; NADH (activated vitamin B3) is excellent support in cancer fatigue.

#4 Hypertension has been over-treated with prescription medicine.  Research in JAMA noted systolic blood pressure between 110-120 on prescription medicine was associated with two heart attacks for every stroke prevented.  In late 2012, a review by the highly respected Cochrane collaboration found the risk-benefit point for treating hypertension with drugs was 160 systolic.  It is still wise to aim for 120 systolic, but utilizing natural approaches.  Detoxifying heavy metals and calcium from arteries is a potent part of that strategy.

#5 H. pylori stomach infection, present in perhaps 1/3rd of Americans, is much more serious than previously recognized.  While known to cause ulcers and increase stomach cancer risk, recognition of the promotion of all brain disorders including autism and schizophrenia is now dawning (A Yasko MD).  Toxic ammonia and increased intestinal permeability lead to substantial inflammation, allergies, and toxin burden.   Vital vitamin B12, carnitine, boron, and manganese are depleted.  Glaucoma is promoted.  It is difficult to eradicate, but many fine strategies help avoid the triple antibiotic tsunami to our ‘Amazon rain forest’ intestinal flora.

#6 Permanent remission is achievable in stage 4 cancer.  Research published this year identifies copper chelation as a powerful approach in stage 4 cancer where, through either surgery or chemotherapy, all visible tumor has been removed.  Where residual cancer cells have yet to develop a blood supply, removing copper appears to block ability of tumors to develop one.  Three years of oral copper chelation may permanently inhibit tumors from being able to grow a blood supply.

#7 Autism is largely resolvable with aggressive assessment and intervention.  Many childhood brain disorders such as ADHD can completely respond to non-Rx interventions as quickly as a single visit.  A tremendous amount has been learned about these disorders.  Methylation mutations, glutamate overstimulation, food sensitivities, chronic viral and bacterial infections, heavy metals, H. pylori infection, and certain vaccines are factors (A Yasko MD); genetically assess all babies prior to initial vaccines and utilize protective interventions before and after all vaccination.

#8 Natural lithium is a highly underutilized health strategy.  Lithium promotes brain neurotropic growth factor, increasing brain cell growth, and prevents nerve injury.   It aids brain detoxification and benefits most brain disorders and symptoms.  Those with COMT mutations, present in half of the population, especially benefit.  Lithium deficiency is a common component in autism, and Lyme disease usually responds.  In the future most of us will include small amounts in supplementation.

#9 Updated comprehensive testing can include, urine for heavy metals, essential elements, and amino acids, methylation profile, metabolic assessment panel, organic acid testing, and aluminum. Target Now tumor testing is recommended for nearly all cancers.  Circulating tumor cell levels are available for more cancers, and HER2neu blood testing is advised for most.

#10 Spiritual experiences are amazingly prevalent.  Those reporting encounters with ‘the other realm’ represent a substantial fraction of our patients.  These are the most peaceful and upbeat patients we encounter.   Every patient who has had a near-death experience describes the other realm as more real than this one.  Publication of a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon’s incredible near death experience in ‘Proof of Heaven’ capped the proliferation of inspiring near-death books.

We will look forward to many more exciting advances for 2014!

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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Make wintertime a time to fly high in life and spirit!

Begin by building a powerful immune shield. Combinations of herbs from the #1 botanical medicine expert Donnie Yance are great in this regard. Immucare I supports bone marrow, vitality, mood, and stamina. Packed full with powerful immune boosting research-backed herbs, mid-November to mid-March represent a time to use optimal doses. As accumulation of toxins is greater in winter, Immucare II’s liver-supercharging botanicals are an excellent, and essential balance to Immucare I. For upper respiratory support, Flew Away has the most powerful natural antimicrobial, propolis, as its top ingredient. Throat & Gland also features propolis. His Lung & Bronchial tonic patients we find almost universally beneficial for lower respiratory tract support.

Many great foods need to be avoided if you have a viral infection due to high arginine content. Arginine suppresses essential anti-viral lysine. These foods are citrus, apple, chocolate, coffee, potatoes, and nuts. Of course infecting organisms love sugar! Grains, processed foods, white potatoes, and excess fruit are great ways to generate sugar – so load up when you are anxious to get sick!

Lysine is wise to include in a daily winter supplement regimen. Beyond anti-viral effects, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling shared its cardiovascular protective benefits when combined with vitamin C, producing L-carnitine, a great mitochondrial supporting, feel good amino acid. Lysine protects against invasiveness of tumors (organic goat yogurt is a great source for tumor patients).

But these are the most essential. Elderberry is a staple botanical for my patients who are around coughs and sneezes, or just a big group; bigger doses are helpful at first sign of sniffles. Vitamin D is especially important for the winter – let is guide you to your optimal dose, and always take it with vitamin K2 (unless on warfarin or you like kidney stones). Zinc is vital for respiratory and gastrointestinal support.

And no need for wintertime blues! Go online with (yes, you can still get the raw data and ancestral info). Download the raw data and upload to, print out the profiles and bring them in to tune up your personal happiness genes. This provides incredibly valuable information impacting vitality, health, mood, and longevity. While waiting for results, we can start you on a nutritional profile that can help jump-start the process. Get plenty of deep sleep, daily physical activity, and water every hour.

Most importantly, stay connected with the spiritual healing force. As we have learned in the last year, there is nothing God cannot heal for those whose mission on Earth is not yet fulfilled; we can share powerful stories – enough for a future book!

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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In medical school, caring professors and attending physicians stuffed my rational left-brain while the intuitive, spiritual right brain withered. I had always assumed spiritual people were simply the result of spiritual families. Boy, was I wrong! My patients have pried open a whole new world of understanding.

Jack was alcoholic with lots of regrets. While not giving details, he experienced an incredibly negative near death experience (NDE). For the next two years he did all he could do to make amends. Then he had another NDE. This time it was blissful!

Sixteen other patients have had NDEs, all blissful. I was doing mouth-to-mouth CPR on one while she hovered near the ceiling. The ceiling separated. She rose, saw the ambulance in the distance and heard their conversation. A tiny light appeared in the sky and then whoosh. She gave a most elaborate description of heaven. When told it was not her time, too many were praying for her, she cried – and whooshed back.

‘The Four Stages of Death’ author Elizabeth Kubler-Ross MD interviewed 2000 with NDEs. She found when the blind were hovering above during their resuscitation, they could later describe every detail and color perfectly.

Author Dr. Sam Parnia, a resuscitation specialist at State University New York, has interviewed many after NDEs. In a National Public Radio interview, he reported of those dying of natural causes, nearly all had blissful NDEs. Contrarily, he admonished to not attempt suicide, as those NDEs were typically horrific.

When asked, all of my NDE patients report that the other realm is more real than this one. They don’t want to come back. And afterwards none of them fear death. If they don’t fear death, and if we, unlike the alcoholic, are making the world a better place, why should we fear death? If we don’t fear death, what is there to fear?

What would life be like without fear? What would happen to fear-erected barricades that block our creativity and inhibit us from living our mission? If Nelson Mandela can emerge from 27 years in prison to become the greatest force for good in our generation, what can we each individually accomplish if we are fearless, compassionate, and focused?

Amazingly half of my serene, upbeat patients – nearly seventy on last count – have had direct connection with the other realm. These are special people, ones you would want as your best friend. They have had intuitions, premonitions, loving visions, and audible voices that averted tragedy or brought reassurance.

These spiritual gifts are especially found in those who have survived serious adversity in their life. Over time they can build on this gift to increase their intuition. One I met last weekend, due to atomic radiation, was born autistic, and was unable to speak for her first five years. She experienced two cancers, 17 surgeries, and was told she would never walk again. After two near death experiences, and much prayer, she is in great health, highly articulate, did work for the Pentagon as a remote seer, and now helps others regenerate their health.

These spiritual beings, a reflection of God, light up our world with hope, love, and good works. We are truly blessed. In this holy season, remember there is always, always hope. There is always help when we focus on improving the world. We can all love, be loved, and connect into a higher purpose and a higher power.

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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Books we can heartily recommend!

1) Dying To Be Me – Anita Morjani – virtually dead end-stage cancer patient decides to give up heavenly bliss for return to Earth
2) Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism – Donald Yance – rich herbal compendium from the brightest botanical medicine mind
3) Proof of Heaven – Eban Alexander, MD – Harvard-trained neurosurgeon’s incredible anatomically impossible near death experience
4) Grain Brain – David Perlmutter, MD – how grains are damaging our brains
5) Medicines That Kill – James Marcum, MD – spiritual cardiologist gives thorough explanation of why medicine is the #1 cause of death
6) Wheat Belly – William Davis – how grains are a great way to put on weight and cause chronic disease

Nearly all of these are available at our office at a discount!

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2014 is going to take integrative healing and your life to new heights! New exciting opportunities to explore and achieve your hopes and dreams will be available from one of America’s top integrative health experts, one of the top 2 or 3 herbal medicine doctors, highly successful self-reinvented practitioner, and spiritual magnet.

Wednesday and Saturday morning Events – $497 per session:

January 4, 2014 Saturday 9am-1pm Bountiful Health & Vitality
January 8, 2014 Wednesday 9am-1pm The Magic of Herbs
January 18, 2014 Saturday 9am-1pm The Miracle of Spirituality
January 29, 2014 Wednesday 9am-1pm Pathway to Healing
February 8, 2014 Saturday 9am-1pm Reinventing Your Health Practice for Unbridled Success – $697
February 19, 2014 Wednesday 9am-1pm Women’s Health & Empowerment
March 1, 2014 Saturday 9am-1pm Targeting an Exuberant 100 Years Old!
March 12, 2014 Wednesday 9am-1pm Finding Your Enthusiastic Self
March 22, 2014 Saturday 9am-1pm Achieving Your Dreams

Educational Phone Consults Available – $300 for 1 hour
– For those living in other parts of the country or otherwise cannot reach the office, educational consults are available    $150 for 30 minutes

One on One Health Coaching – $997 for 4 hours

Health Practitioner Shadowing
One day: MDs – $797, NPs – $597, Life Coaches – $397
Two day: MDs – $1397, NPs – $997, Life Coaches – $597
Five days w/ 1 day one-on-one coaching, 4 days shadowing MDs – $4497, NPs – $3497, Life Coaches – $2497

Public Speaking Events – $2000
For an enthusiastic, educational, inspiring, and unforgettable presentation!

Achieve YOUR Dreams! Call 859-846-4445 Ext. 1 and ask for Dee Roach

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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Entering her abode, there is an immediate sense of peace and warmth. Every two weeks I treat myself to an hour of healing, rest, and spiritual connection. In the dim background, soothing music takes me to a serene place.

Six months ago my Reiki journey began. As it has progressed, my life has unfolded unprecedented opportunities. As gentle, warm hands rest under my head, my mind launches into the universal ether; I connect with my mother’s spiritual energy and enter into a state of unlimited possibility.

Through a tunnel back to1533 France, Jason Beaumont’s image stood before me. At another juncture, a wagon train forged West accompanied by a scarlet clad wife in bonnet. But mainly the focus is intention – what can be achieved in this life to make the world a little more heavenly.

In the ensuing time span, my mission has taken me to Philadelphia, New York City, Phoenix, Chattanooga, and St. Petersburg. Major TV producers have shared insights including coaching from Oprah Winfrey’s former producer. Service as a national consultant for Spectracell was embraced. Medical authors, spiritual transformers, and the founder of integrative medicine at Mayo Clinic have personally shared their visions. And there were hour-long question-answer sessions with a Los Angeles-wide radio audience and an international TV audience.

Was this all due to Reiki? Not likely. Did Reiki facilitate this? Absolutely!

If you are looking to improve your quality of life, for a personal treat, or to manifest your dreams, Reiki master Donna Gaines is a jewel. She can be reached at 859-873-9816 or

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A broad smile and brimming with positive energy, cardiologist James Marcum stood tall when greeting me at his TV studio, Heartwise Ministries. Founded in 2006, Heartwise telecasts to 47 states, and internationally, a health ministry that says there are usually options to prescriptions. In fact he is author of two books including Medicines That Kill that identifies medicine side effects and errors as the number one cause of death, and The Ultimate Prescription, which shares the essential role of spirituality in healing.

As listeners called in for questions on the broadcast, including a question from the Caribbean, I was struck but how those around the globe are looking for answers. From sleep to anxiety to lymphoma, we fielded questions as best we could.

Dr. Marcum is a beacon. His life is an example. He is a humble man who references God every few sentences. At the studio, his smiling, adroit eighth grade son actively assisted in managing the streams of calls and text messages.

Next to Dr. Oz, he has reached the widest medical host TV audience. A native of Oneida, Tennessee, he has spread his wings from medical school in Texas, internship in Delaware, and Cardiology residency at the University of Kentucky before landing in Chattanooga.
Catch the program with me on and watch for live telecasts on the TV affiliate in your area. Dr. Marcum’s message will have an increasingly wider circle, for his positive spiritual ministry is transforming the world into the health care of the future. He is my new hero!


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Vitamin B12 Shots – A Comeback Panacea?

In the 1950s and 1960s, physicians commonly used vitamin B12 injections for energy in their patients. They were on to something!

Chronic fatigue, depression, brain fog, and nerve pain are symptoms for which vitamin B12 shots can shine. In particular, those with fluctuation in visual focus, sensitivity to light or sound, ‘brain fog’ and substantial, fluctuating fatigue usually respond exceptionally well. Migrating joint pains with ‘good days and bad days’ are characteristic. Further testing helps identify the specific cause for these symptoms.

Nearly all of us have some difficulty getting rid of ‘toxins’ – chemicals and heavy metals. Daily we breathe, consume, and generate toxins. When our intestinal tract is inflamed – each of us has that issue – toxins enter the blood and land in the brain, breasts, and nerve tissues. Genetically, some get rid of these better than others. Those that don’t have chronic brain and nerve disorders, with higher breast cancer risk.

One of the most important ways to get rid of toxins is ‘methylation’, the pathway folate, vitamins B12 and B6 manufacture homocysteine, then SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine), and finally the primary detoxifier glutathione.

Easily 80% of us have mutations impairing this vital pathway. Most common, and serious, is a MTHFR mutation impacting folic acid’s conversion to methylfolate. MTRR affects activation of vitamin B12, also quite important. Genetic testing through, downloading raw data and then uploading to can provide these specific answers.

Beyond eliminating this common deficiency, it is not clear why reduced vitamin B12 shots (methylcobalamin) are so effective. Likely it aggressively promotes glutathione production, clearing the brain and nerves of toxins. Further, SAMe is the fastest acting antidepressant (but should be used only under health provider guidance in those who are bipolar, have diarrhea, or are on Rx antidepressants). This pathway also promotes energy and relaxation while reducing inflammation.

It is rewarding to see demoralized patients get a surge of energy lasting 3-7 days. When effective, these can be self-administered at home using tiny insulin needles once or twice a week at a cost of $3 to $4 apiece.

The future of medicine is information – understanding WHY you have symptoms. There are CAUSES. Never accept treatments focused on simply relieving symptoms without searching for root issues. Nearly always there are 5-10 factors underlying symptoms. The more identified, the better the outcomes. Then symptoms can be PREVENTED. There is a vast array of healthy symptom interventions that have BENEFICIAL side effects such as reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, and dementia.

Learn why you are fatigued, your eyes won’t focus, you are sensitive to light, your joint pain migrates, and why these symptoms fluctuate. There are answers.

The quickest remedy while the search is underway is reduced vitamin B12 shots. Usually energy surges. How did we know your symptoms? Come find out!

Jim Roach, MD, ABFM, ABIHM

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency – Often Missed, Often Miraculous

Tom had painful tingling in his legs triggered by spinal canal narrowing in his lower back. With chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, brain fog, and anxiety, Tom had been deterred from his busy life of traveling, but he refused to concede.

Routine blood tests were normal. But comprehensive testing provided answers. Homocysteine was 7.2, but optimum may be 6 to 7. A lead level a of 2 put Tom at an 89% higher risk of heart attack and 151% higher stroke risk; lead’s risks are on par with cholesterol. Clotting and inflammatory d-dimer was mildly elevated. A free T3 thyroid of 2.5 was suboptimal. Food sensitivities were substantial.

Big answers came from Spectracell micronutrient analysis. His B12 was in the bottom 2% and cell energizer CoQ10 in the lowest 5%. Also low were vitamin B5, zinc, magnesium, and powerful antioxidant alpha lipoic acid. Vitamin C, vitamin E, hormone-modulating vitamin B2, and memory-nutrient choline were borderline.

Does B12 deficiency matter? Only if you dislike peripheral neuropathy, impaired memory, and higher risk for cardiovascular disease, dementia, delirium and anemia.

Does low CoQ10 matter? Not if you don’t mind chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, asthma, and brain fog.

Other deficiencies were also important. Low magnesium promotes anxiety, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid may be the single most important nutrient for nerve health. Zinc and vitamin B2 are hormone modulators supporting testosterone’s anabolic repair abilities. For stress, vitamin B5 is vital.

Along with fish oil, vitamins D with K, a multivitamin with active Bs, and magnesium, Tom got anabolic and anti-inflammatory botanicals. Breath-promoting quercetin, and NADH plus d-ribose for energy and optimal muscle health, were added. Nutrient deficiencies were replenished. Food sensitivities, always a major factor, were identified and addressed. Nattokinase reduced clotting risk and ThermoFit aided suboptimal thyroid function.

Brain fog and anxiety resolved. The asthma, fibromyalgia, and fatigue had been largely explained and all were fixable. Gentle lead detoxification would protect the cardiovascular system while reducing dementia risk.

But what won the day were large-dosed injections of the reduced, non-cyanide, vitamin B12 – methylcobalamin. Tom called them “miraculous”! The nerve symptoms in his legs disappeared and his vitality soared. He was back to his important business and world travels.

Many names are given to various health disorders but it boils down to the basic nuts and bolts – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients, addressable gene mutations, hormones, nutrition, lifestyle and spirituality. Routine blood work was of no help.

My experience is that when you don’t look, you don’t find the answers. It would be hard to understand how a drug given to relieve nerve pain would fix this profound B12 deficiency. Startlingly, we sometimes see profound lymphocyte ‘functional’ B12 deficiency on Spectracell testing when serum B12 levels are normal or even high.

In those with chronic fatigue and light sensitivity, we are seeing excellent responses in 2/3rds to high-dose methylcobalamin B12 weekly injections. Many, if not most, of these are Lyme disease, highly prevalent in Kentucky and well beyond.

My upcoming book Ultraclarity – Surprising Stories of Healing: Lessons for an UltraBrain will share dozens of stories like this one and the lessons to be learned.

Come visit our office and meet Vanderbilt graduate nurse practitioner Wendy Enneking, who I personally trained for eight months. She has been working with us since May and is an outstanding addition you will love!

Jim Roach, MD, ABIHM, ABFM

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